• +2 Force
  • +1 hearing

Creatures of the Aniya system (and one of the few to expand off its home world and into neighboring planets and moons before they were added to the Connection), the Anyr have bodies similar to terrestrial horses, with dual-thumbed, four-fingered feet akin to a parrot's claws, long, wispy ears, and feathery whip-like tails. Both their size, stature, and apparent ease in spacefaring travel have earned them a place in myth and legend.


  • Deft:
That second thumb and those grasping feet really come in handy. If an Anyr is using their hands/feet to try and do something that involves manual dexterity, go ahead and combine [Finesse] and [Agility] into one stat that can be used whenever you need to check [Finesse] or [Agility].
  • Celeste Resistance:
Because of their large ears, Anyr get an automatic attempt to resist any Celeste Tone command.

Anyr Naming : Anyr names are [X] of the [Y] [Z]. Where X Y and Z are whatever would make sense in a normal sentence. Silk of the Silver Winds, or Spirit of the Murphy's law ,for examples. This does not mean that they can't have nick names they other characters call them for the sake of speed of convenience. In the comic Silk of the Silver Winds called White Noise. Anyr Obesity : Anyr gain weight around their torso, progressively becoming more cow-like. Anyr ever wear shoes?

The Anyr grew up in an arboreal environment, and as a result, treat their feet as though they were hands. This in turn means they don't wear shoes often, if they can help it.

Shoes for Anyr exist, but they're often mistaken for what other species would consider gloves. They're often made of simple, loose materials, in other words, and often considered more of an accessory rather than a utilitarian item.