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is it normal for effete to be of non traditional element. (i count the 8 elements of the Rashinban board Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Clouds, Rain and Electricity form card captor sakura ) Gold is interchangeable with metal and clouds with airEdit

Sedja is a Silk efreet, if that gives you any clues.
It's not that more "traditional" elemental efreet don't exist, but it's a lot like picking a major in grad school -- you dictate your element a lot more than your element dictates you. In Sedja's case, her focus on luxurious fabrics and jewelry metals made a focus on Silk (soft as a woven fiber, hard as steel in a condensed form) an excellent element.
That it also happens to be useful for, say, refashioning herself into a blade suitable for beheading traitors and enemies of the royal family? Hey, bonus!


While talking with the others the question came up ' Are there any djinn or Efreet's that specialize in blood?' as the creator of this universe we thought you might give use some insightEdit



... are life djinn and blood djinn the same thing?Edit

"Life Djinn" is another term for a vampire. Blood Djinn have a specific mastery over blood, but aren't vampires.


do all dead inside have zombie like flesh?Edit

Not all. The zombies certainly do. :-p
Vampires have the most comparable-to-alive flesh. Other djinn have a composite of organic and inorganic flesh -- the exact ratios vary based on the type of Djinn and how far said Djinn has "advanced" into becoming an Efreet. Sedja, for instance, is completely inorganic at this point.

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