Naming conventions of the various races: This information was obtained from Jigsaw. She was kind enough to provide it, so kindly thank her whenever you see her. Vidian: Vidian names are colours. Either standard colours or objects which name a colour. Cobalt, steel, platinum, gold, etc.

Talmi: Talmi names a nouns, usually objectss. In rare cases, they can be positive-sounding verbs. Slick is an example of this.

Anyr: Anyr names are [X] of the [Y] [Z]. Where X Y and Z are whatever would make sense in a normal sentence. Silk of the Silver Winds, for example.

Celeste Hybrid: Celeste Hybrids tend to have names in foriegn languages with of [clan] as their surname, if they know their clan.

Humans/Kendril/Zillans: No naming conventions out of the ordinary.

Reaper power limitations: Also obtained from Jigsaw, so give her props for it. A reaper's power is limited to their choice of item. That item may give them certain special abilities, but beyond those abilities, they are just normal items. The Death Note is an example of such an item.

Signs of obesity in the various races: Second verse, same as the first! Humans: Tend to gather fat around the middle of their bodies first, resulting in pot bellies, and large thighs.

Kendril: Same process as humans.

Talmi: Talmi gain fat equally over their entire bodies, and their ears progressively get heavier the more fat they have.

Zillan: Zillans tend to get wider, not necessarily fatter.

Anyr: Anyr gain weight around their torso, progessively becoming more cow-like.

Vidians: Vidians grow longer, wider, and gain a dullness in their scale colour. They also gain an 'aura of fat' which floats around their bodies, not unlike small clouds.

This information will be expanded upon as Jigsaw updates. Please stay tuned!

Some info on Celeste and their opinion on Dead Inside.

Jigsaw>The Celeste are obviously more visible, to the point that most people think the Dead Inside are boogeymen at best and an invented fear at worst. Even most Celeste think the Dead Inside are more potential mayhem than an actual threat... though this doesn't stop them from waging all-out war on them.

<Jigsaw>Truthfully, the Dead Inside are considered "uppity" to the Celeste, and thus their main threat is a threat of dominance, not of souls or balance or whatever.

<Jigsaw>i.e. "Oh, if only those pesky Djinn would learn their place and serve us (like everyone else!)"

<Jigsaw>One of many reasons Veled is not concerned about Jigsaw is that Jigsaw IS easily controlled at this point.

<Jigsaw>Lower-level Celeste will still (censored) any Dead Inside they find because they don't know any better. It's only higher-up that you start learning that Djinn do in fact have their uses... as long as they're well-controlled.

Celeste/Touch/Light Children and their Soul Shells.

The Sterlings have a "Hard" shell, this shows the difficulty for them to move from their normal soul amount to 7/8th or 9/8th.

Celeste/Touch/ect. Have a "Soft" shell. This means they can use their soul's energy, but cannot gain or lose soul.

Soul Sigils and Animals

The Soul as 3 parts, The soul shell, the soul energy, and the soul sigil. Animals do not have a sigil, but all people do. The sigil is what a Celeste sees when they look at a person. A Sigil takes the form of a person's faith. If a person has no faith, they have a unique shape rather then no sigil at all.

All normal animals have a "Hard" shell, but the galaxy is a big place, and it is possible and extreamly rare animal could be born with a soft shell.

Soul Sight and Sterlings

When looking at the world for souls, a sterling will show up like White on a White background. In other words almost impossible to see without the use of normal senses.

Last Res0rt Lore

Most animals are declared to not have useable souls, and are basically walking bits of energy in that regard. This was a big debate with Talmi pre-liberation.

Touche can Interbreed with other races as well as Celeste. the question game up during the ransom game concerning the background of a mixed species character. the following are the relevant chat log parts.

this post has been spell checked for your convenience.

<jigsaw_Gm> Touched, or Celeste? [

<player_character> his mother was touched. they can interbreed with humans right?

<jigsaw_GM> yah

<jigsaw_GM> okay, so you'd be touched too.

<player_character> nods okay thanks i'm good i'll be knocked out for a few moments more

<jigsaw_GM> hehehe

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