As with today's military using drugs to assists there solders there is no indication the the future military will stop this trend. All things helpful or harmful tend to have Side effects to combat drugs tend to be a double edged sword. here are some guidelines on the rules of combat drugs to help you decide if they are for you character and if so to help you use them wisely. and be wary because as with today's combat drugs the future combat drugs would likely carry the risk of addiction as well.

Combat Drugs:

These are performance enhancing drugs, often used by soldiers. The characteristics of an individual drug will vary, but someoverarching rules were established.

  • Combat Drugs effect are treated as an affliction.
  • All bonuses incurred are converted into penalties of equal magnitude at the end of the affliction's duration, generating a new affliction called Withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal lasts for twice as long as the original affliction. Penalties for negative effects would simply be treated as 0, rather than providing a bonus during the withdrawal period. The Withdrawal affliction cannot be removed by a Heal Check.
  • A character can use Health/2 (rounded up) drugs at any one time. Each additional drug used deals 1 HP of damage.
  • Addiction would be treated as an affliction, and would carry the penalties of a normal withdrawal, halved. Addiction would be used at the discretion of the GM.
  • An example of a common Combat Drug cocktail would provide -2 HP,+3 Force, +2 Finesse, and +2 Speed for a duration of 2 hours.

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