a cybee doll

While they have never been used in our game they are worth mentioning. the Cybee Doll is technology as much as the weapons and activator are but more in the support - communications department judging form how they are used in the comic. here are the word of the creator to give you some ideal as to why they may appear in some games and not others though they must be acknowledges as existing. for the sake of the games back ground.

Are Cybee doll's common in Last resort? Are they expensive? Do they have true artificial intelligence or an imitation of intelligence?Edit

{C Common enough.
{C Cybees are about equivalent to what a smartphone in today's society would be - ubiquitous, adaptable, pricey without the right contract. The main distinction is that Cybees are designed to last through the lifetime of the user, as opposed to being swapped out every two years (though even if you do that, it's pretty simple to upgrade -- between cloud storage and fluid intelligence, it's trivial to keep your friends state of the art.)
{C}Intelligence is easily feigned, but Gangrel's is authentic, or at least within statistically significant tolerances -- i.e. you would have a hard time distinguishing between her machine intelligence and that of a "social being" whose organic intelligence is formed over equivalent amounts of interaction over time.
In the end, it all comes down to how much data you take in.