Things that go boom. we all need them in times are war and some times in times of peace.

A single explosion from an explosive device will consist of one or more distinct "blasts," each with its own unique area of effect, Force value, and damage type. Note that these are components of the same explosion, rather than separate explosions.

The area of effect for an explosion is generally represented as a circle on a square grid, with a diameter measured in squares. Whether or not a character is affected by a given blast is determined solely by their location. If a character is inside a blast area, they are hit by the blast; if they are outside a blast area, they are not hit by the blast.

It is possible to avoid the area of effect for one of an explosion's blasts while still being included in another. The first blast will always be concussive, and will count as Bashing Damage. (Most armor does not provide an additional bonus against Bashing Damage.)

Example: Fragmentation Grenade

  • Blast #1, Concussive: Bashing Damage, Force 8, Diameter 3
  • Blast #2, Fragmentation: Slashing Damage, Force 6, Diameter 7