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Mid-size • Scaly
+1 Force • +2 Sight
Hideous, deformed, and just plain ugly by everyone else's standards, the medusa-ish Kendril have taken to hiding their split lower jaws (if not the rest of their face) from an all-too-cruel public, wearing masks that hide the respirators which give them an extra dose of strength in 'common' atmosphere. With four arms, four eyes, and a ring of tendrils with "peripheral" heads at the ends, if there was ever a species you didn't want to meet in a dark alley, they're it.
A potentially lethal action, a Kendril needs to first bite its target using its primary mouth before attempting to Petrify it. If the Kendril's [Agility]is higher than her target's total Health, Petrification succeeds automatically and the target is turned to stone. Otherwise, the Kendril takes a combined [Charisma] + [Speed] check, while its target takes a [Health] check.

^This feature is currently under debate, as it seems to not quite conform to canon reality. Other options include improved odds against surprise checks, due to having multiple eyes and ears, and enhanced to hit, based on improved bi-ocular vision.^

Kendril Naming: Like humans Kindril have no naming conventions out of the ordinary. this means your as likely to find a kendril and a human with similar names once accent it taken in to account as not.

Kendril Obeisty: Kendril much like humans Tend to gather fat around the middle of their bodies first, resulting in pot bellies, and large thighs.