These are some sample Paths that have been used by various characters. It should be noted that most of these will be odd ones - more banal paths probably don't need much explanation, and we would like to highlight just how unusual they can be, and the sort of restrictions that were placed on them. Also note, that the sample nodes are not the total number applicable to the Path, were not all given out as starting nodes, and occasionally were never actually bought or used at all, merely discussed. Also included is a very short description of the character who had the Path, and the role they took in the game they were from.

Forces in Nature: A fairly standard path that focused on controlling, amplifying, and creating natural forces. It had a requirement that the first node always had to be Control [force type], before the character could take a Creation Node for that force, did not allow for the negation of any force, and disallowed bridge spells between nodes in the Path (so, no transmuting Electricity to Gravity)

Possible Nodes included: Control/Creation of: Velocity, Electricity, Gravity, Climate, and Chemical Reaction

Character: Blunt instrument, combat-oriented

Bone Will Break 'X': A variation on the Destruction by Analysis Path (based on the song "Bone Will Break Metal") that maintained a handicap of requiring physical contact for all of it's effects, in addition to the standard requirements of knowledge before destruction. Notably, in keeping with the tune that inspired the path, it traded out the mental improvements common to Destruction by Analysis for access to endurance and survival based nodes.

Possible Nodes: Wound Heal, Physical Support, Brawn Durability, Destroy Material 'X,' Touch Analysis

Character: Antisocial Civil Engineer, minor Jack-of-all trades.

Allegory: A Path which gave spells whose power was modified by their allegorical significance. Instead of casting "enhanced finesse," this caster uses "Aim of David," which improved finesse based not only on tier, but by how badly the target was outclassed by their opponent. In a lot of ways, this Path was a headache and extremely goofy (and so is not a good fit for most games), but it was an interesting character to watch/play by all indications

Possible Nodes: Feats Of Legend [brawn/mind enhancements], Allegorical Mind [Mind scan/manipulation by symbolic means], Symbolic Artifacts [Material enhancements/transformations], Storyteller [limited personal Charisma and memory buffs], Trope Read [Quick/sensory/mind modifiers based on tropes]

Character: Bibliophiliac Professor, support

Unknown Damage: A Pah dedicated to doing non-obvious damage - sapping psyche or stamina, causing Afflictions with effects that weren't immediately obvious, and generally being a subtle pain in the butt in combat.

Possible Nodes: Exhaustion, Sloth, Mental Fatigue, Tricks of the Mind, Newly Begun (attacked skills to reduce them to Trainee temporarily) Traps and Triggers (psyche) (a node that weakened reaction rolls of various types [traps] through similarity to past trauma [triggers])

Bitter Ex-Nurse, Support/control/2nd rank fighter