Small • Furry
+2 Hearing • +1 Speed
A slave race until roughly 500 years ago (when they claimed the planet Arael as their own), the Talmi are small, fuzzy, cross feline marsupials with a chip on their shoulder and a remarkable talent for taking whatever they can find and improving upon it. They have large, elephantine ears, long tails with a poof on the end, marsupial pouches (where they like to store their inventory, so they ALWAYS hold more than you'd think in there), and relatively humanoid hands and feet... save for the retractable claws, of course.
High Jump:
Talmi legs are well developed, and a Talmi can jump up to twice her height.
Celeste Resistance:
Because of their large ears, Anyr get an automatic attempt to resist any Celeste Tone command.

Talmi naming : Talmi names a nouns, usually objects. In rare cases, they can be positive-sounding verbs. Slick is an example of this.

Talmi obesity : Talmi gain fat equally over their entire bodies, and their ears progressively get heavier the more fat they have.

Talmi religion is basically Jewish. If you want to get super-technical about it, they're classified as part of the "Path", which is a bit of an envelope for all the Abrahamic religions akin to the same way you could call folks "Christian" today and still get into an argument over whose sect is better or which groups are really "Christian" vs. something else. (i.e. when Jason brings it up, he's being a bit of a pedantic Jerk )

About how fully formed is a Talmi infant? I know marsupials tend to have what we would think of as premature births, but are they cute or sickly looking?

Y'know how gerbil pups are tiny and hairless? Think like that (and not much bigger, either)!
They don't start to look adorable in the "They look like tiny adults!" sense until their fur begins to grow in.

It has been shown in comic that both Female and Male Talmi have pouches. it has been hinted that at least one talmi has attached their pouch to vector space