Small • Scaly
+2 Speed • +1 Smell
Elegant, wispy, levitating creatures from Nurovidia, the Vidians resemble the ancient Asian dragons of legend, both in grace and intelligence. Their appetite for technology is only exceeded by their veracity for art and beauty... which only complicates matters when one of the more prized materials for their artwork includes their own hides and bones. Levitation to them is as natural as breathing, much to the frustration of almost every other race they encounter.
A Vidian can levitate themselves (regardless of their weight) and at least 5 * [Finesse] kilograms of foreign material freely at [Agility] speed; if they want to lift more, they can land themselves in order to lift up to their body weight + however much they can normally lift in foreign material for at least [Finesse] minutes before needing to take a Strength check.

Agility governs the general speed of objects moved telekinetically over a distance - Telekinetic speeds used in relation to thrown or wielded objects use "standard" speeds, comparable to those generated by wielded an object by hand (ie, a baseball "thrown" by telekinetic can reach a kph comparable to one thrown by hand with a similar set of stats).

Finesse governs the number of kilograms that can be lifted in total, as noted above. Telekinetic lift is produced by limited or simple planar forces - ie, sand lifted may shift or fall away, as if on a platform or truckbed, rather than every grain being meticulously held in place.

Wisdom is used to determine the amount of damage a telekinetic impact may supply, taking the place of Force used in traditional melee considerations.

Communications is used as a stand-in for Finesse when making complex maneuvers on a telekinetically controlled object. Further, the formula is modified by the number of objects being manipulated: Telekinetic Finesse = Communications + 1 - # of objects being controlled. This includes floating one's own body.

Vidian naming : Vidian names are colors. Either standard colors or objects which name a color. Cobalt, steel, platinum, gold, etc.

Vidians obesity : Vidians grow longer, wider, and gain a dullness in their scale colour. They also gain an 'aura of fat' which floats around their bodies, not unlike small clouds.

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